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OEM / BULK Supply / Tenders

OEM / Bulk Supply / Tenders

Please ask us, to see how we can customize your needs.

We also offer our expertise, where feasible, to elaborate 'bulk' supplies to Laboratories and to the diagnostic industry upon request.

Our stabilized, ready to use, polyvalent controls for indirect ELISA systems will help you improve your efficiency in production and quality control processes.


· Customized Systems.

· Bulk Supply

· Polyvalent Matrix, stabilized, for further manufacture of controls for indirect ELISA systems.

· Control Panels ready to use for indirect ELISA systems.

· RF-Absorbent stabilized, ready to use.

· EIA buffers and components.

· Peroxidase conjugate stabilizing solution for use in ready to use conjugate dilutions.

· TMB-Substrate solution ready to use.

· Inquire for further needs.

· Tender requests