Dr. Julio Moran Laboratories 

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1.      Prices

Inquire for our current prices. Current prices in effect the day when your order is executed will apply. All prices are subject to change without notice. Prices are net ex works.

2.      Orders

Orders are accepted by fax, e-mail and telephone. Orders should include number of units ordered, description of the product ordered, product code number, address of institution the product is sold to and delivering address.

3.      Deliveries

Freight and insurance costs are to be paid by the customer. Partial shipments are possible. Cash on delivery terms may be adopted.

Orders will be shipped via international transport services, which offer delivery within two to three working days. In special cases one day delivery will be adopted. Inland deliveries will be send via post, express charges are to be paid by the customer.

Orders of less than CHF 500.-- are subject to a handling fee of CHF 50.--.  

Special agreements on delivery terms are possible upon request.

4     Payment

Payment terms: 30 days net. The products remain our property until the complete settlement of the amount due. Any possible deductions will be stated by us only on the corresponding invoice.

We request you to address the settlement to the bank and account no. stated on the corresponding invoice.

Does a total overdue amount  exceed CHF 5'000 , at the time of a new order, shipment will only be executed after receiving the complete settlement of the corresponding amount.

5.      Claims and Liability.

Claims and liability for delayed or not delivered products are not accepted. 

Claims must be reported to us in writing within 5 days after receipt of the goods. Not immediately discernible claims will only be accepted, if they are reported to us in writing, immediately after they have been recognized, and not later than 20 days after the receipt of the product (please include product name and lot no).

Accepted claims may be rewarded by us by partial discount, product replacement or by complete replacement of the paid amount against return of the defective product. 

We will not be liable for any further claims beyond those stated above.

We cannot accept returns without prior written authorization by us.

If handling and storage conditions are not observed, we will not be liable at any time.

6.      Jurisdiction  

In case of any legal dispute the place of settlement will be the competent court at our legal site CH-8123 Ebmatingen, Switzerland.